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Lee is a true student of the gun as well as an excellent communicator. Frequently we have good operators, and good Coaches, not so much do we find people that can do both well! EDC + Vehicle Tactics was an outstanding course for CCW Students that have good understsnding of Marksmanship, but have not spent an extensive amount of time on Tactics, or how to do what to do, when, and most importantly WHY. This course took everyone from basics to advanced movement, use of vehicles for cover and/or concealment, shooting from unconventional positions, shooting while moving, and shooting from a seated position. Training should push your comfort level and challenge your current skill sets to build skills and shoot fast and accurate based on the complexity of the Problem you are solving!

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Absolutely cannot thank you enough.
I feel like if I took more classes like this, I’d be such a confident shooter. Really loved that you incorporated so many drills, like here’s an explanation, but then shooting / practicing the skills as the class went along. That was so so freakin good.
Also live fire in a real car? Epic. No words lol
And also your feedback was very encouraging, and that was huge. The other classes I’ve been in, I have felt hesitant to “let go” out of fear of making a mistake and being made to feel dumb. So the fact that your class was so “you can do that, and you should do that” that’s huge. It makes shooters want to do more, learn more!
Would 10/10 bring my friends to your class!

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I am posting this the evening after training with Lee all day, I am still on such a high from a rewarding and informative day. As a female, I often struggle with the “tactical bro” energy these types of trainings can present and Lee makes a concerted effort to make sure folks feel welcome, no matter the experience level or rig they are running.
He does not rush through explanations and takes the extra time to explain the “why” behind he is instructing you to do something a certain way, which is something that is often brushed over. You are given the opportunity to ask questions, or run a drill again, and I never once felt judged or small for doing so.
Having resources like Lee and Bearly Training reignite my passion and desire to train and involve myself in the 2A community.
I can’t wait for the next class!


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Just took the night vision class and I was blown away! The way the class was structured kept us busy but not over worked. Lee and his staff made sure that everyone was taken care of and more importantly safe. I loved the breakdown and explanation of different types of equipment that help in low light and night shooting. It made me rethink the setups I have and what adjustments I need to make with my gear. Overall, it was a great class and I had fun! I’m really excited to train more with Bearly!


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Lee is a wealth of knowledge and experience. He was very accommodating in scheduling a private CQB class for myself and a group of friends. I appreciated that he could quickly evaluate each individual’s skill level to give them specific instruction while still seamlessly incorporating all of us in the exercises. His ability to breakdown complex concepts into clear and concise instruction allowed all of us to take away so much more than we expected from the class. Would absolutely recommend Bearly Training to all my friends and family. 


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I’ve been training with Bearly Training Co. for the last few months Learning CQB, prior I trained with another facility. I’ve learned more in my short time with Lee than in my 3.5 years with the other facility. Training has focused on real world scenarios, team movement and communication, fundamentals, CQB basic and advanced techniques, safety, learning to solve problems in front of you and more. Looking for a real world, non drill instructor, training for all your needs for basic to beyond


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